How do cigar humidifiers work?

Remove the humidor from the humidor, being careful not to add water to the humidor while it is in the humidor, so as not to wet the humidor.

Add distilled water or cigar box maintenance solution to the humidor.

Add distilled water from the grille of the humidor. It is recommended to use humidor maintenance solution for the first time.

When adding water, don’t overdo it, just wet it, don’t soak it.

How to maintain a cigar humidifier?

Do not bump the surface of the cigar box, and do not put anything on top of the box.

Do not expose it to direct sunlight, so as not to deform the humidor and lose its moisturizing function.

To maintain the surface of the cigar humidifier, polishes, lemon oil, etc. should be placed on a soft cloth before wiping the cigar box, and should not be placed directly on the cigar box.

Do not touch the inside or outside of the box with bleach or acid. The cigar fines inside the box can be gently sucked periodically.

How to cancel the order?

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