1. How do I cancel my order?

After the order payment is successful, the user can check the order status in the account order details.

Support cancellation within 30 minutes, you can cancel the order in the order details. After the order is cancelled, the payment will be fully refunded to your payment account within 1-2 business days. The exact timing of your refund depends on your payment method.

Orders that have been packaged and shipped: the order has been processed, the package cannot be returned, and the order cannot be canceled.

If you confirm that you want to cancel the shipped order, please contact us at [email protected], and the resulting return shipping costs and other additional costs will be borne by the customer.

  1. Return time and exchange time

Our returns and exchanges are valid within 30 natural days after the Cigar humidor arrives. If it is more than 30 natural days after you receive the safe, we will not be able to provide you with a return or exchange service.

When returning or exchanging products, the new products you purchased on Keepcollects.com will not affect the resale. Within the validity period of the return, you can contact customer service to negotiate a refund (the Cigar humidor is damaged due to man-made or external reasons, and returns and exchanges are not accepted).

  1. What are the requirements when returning or exchanging products?

Your Cigar humidor must be in the same condition as you received it, with unworn and unused surfaces,The complimentary products must also be returned together.

  1. Shipping charges for returns and exchanges

The received goods are found to be unusable or have quality problems; the goods are found to be damaged when received; the goods are different or missing from what you ordered. Where the above situations occur, Braylees Boutique, LLC will refund the corresponding payment and bear the shipping costs incurred. If it is due to personal factors such as customer dislike, wrong purchase or other human factors when placing an order, the customer will bear the freight.

  1. How do I return and exchange products?

Send the proof of purchase and the condition of the product to [email protected]. When we confirm that the return standard is met, we will prompt you to send the product together with the original packaging to Braylees Boutique, LLC, whose address is 230 PLEASANT VIEW DR, GEORGETOWN, Kentucky, United States.(all returns and exchanges that have not been communicated in advance will not be processed).

After you send out the safe that needs to be returned, please send the return notification email to [email protected], and provide the following information: courier company name, waybill number.

After we receive the goods and confirm that they are correct, we will refund within 1-2 business days, depending on the payment method. Please wait patiently for the bank to arrive at the account. Please contact us if you have not received your account within 2 business days.

In view of the uncontrollability of the bank in the refund process, the actual refund time will vary slightly due to different bank policies, please understand.

  1. Do we charge relisting fees?

We do not charge relisting fees.

  1. How to get a refund?

Once the returned Cigar humidor arrives at Braylees Boutique, LLC’s warehouse and is successfully inspected, the refund process will begin. The refund amount will be credited back to your payment account within 1-2 business days. The specific refund time depends on your payment method, please be patient and don’t worry.


  1. Return packaging problem

Please return in original packaging. Braylees Boutique, LLC is not responsible for collision damage during shipping caused by unused original Cigar humidor.

  1.  Warranty policy
  2. How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period of our Cigar humidor is 45 natural days.

  1. When does the warranty period come into effect?

The start date of the warranty period begins when the customer signs for receipt.

  1. Do I need to pay for repairs if damage occurs during the warranty period?

If there is a problem with the Cigar humidor and it is not caused by human factors, then keepcollects.com will not charge maintenance fees and labor costs. If the damage is caused by human factors during the warranty period, you need to pay the corresponding maintenance costs (parts costs and labor costs) according to the specific circumstances. ). You need to attach the warranty card. If the card is lost, smeared, or damaged, it will not be effective, and a normal maintenance fee will be charged.

  1. Return to factory maintenance process

If there is a problem with your Cigar humidor and needs to be repaired, please take a photo of the problem with the Cigar humidor and briefly describe it, and send it to our email [email protected], we will reply to you within 1 business day and inform you of the corresponding After you confirm that you want to return to the factory for repair, you can package and send the product back according to the requirements for return and exchange.